About Americans Feeding Americans

The Americans Feeding Americans Caravan began in 2009 as Feed The Children's answer to help fight hunger in America caused by the economic downturn. Since opening its doors in 1979, Feed The Children has not seen hunger so prevalent in the United States. Through this campaign, we want to help provide relief to those hardest-hit cities so children do not have to go to bed hungry.

On our caravan we have seen that hunger is not confined to one region or class; it is coast to coast. Many of those affected by hunger have jobs and homes, but lack the money to put food on their table, pay the rent or buy costly medications. These parents find it difficult to cover all of their day-to-day responsibilities that they have been able to handle in the past. The circumstances are unlimited.

Those once considered middle class are now finding themselves choosing between paying bills and buying groceries, and even stand in food lines to make ends meet. Many of them feel ashamed to ask for help or frustrated with their

situation. We want them to know it is okay to ask for a hand up. During these economic conditions, neighbors can help neighbors get back on their feet.

Feed The Children and its partners are moving semi tractor-trailers loaded with 25-pound boxes of food, more than 10-pounds of essentials and personal care items, and Avon products from coast to coast in order to provide our neighbors with help and hope. Each of the semis holds enough food and essentials to help 400 families for up to a week. By the end of 2010, our goal is to reach at least 200,000 families in more than 70 cities. We need your help.

Individuals, churches, corporations, celebrities, students—anyone can make a difference.

Help us move the caravan across America to feed even more children in need.

Together we are Americans Feeding Americans.